How Are We Preparing for Ramadan?

Alhamdullilah the month of Ramadan is fast approaching and that means we need to start preparing to adapt to the changes that Ramadan brings. Preparing for Ramadan includes making both tangible and spiritual changes. Whether it is just cutting back on your caffeine intake or getting a head start on your goal to finish reading the Quran in Ramadan, here are a few online resources on how we can improve and prepare for this beautiful month.


In this lecture by Shaykh Omar Suleiman, titled “Let the Hearts Submit,” we get to understand how we need to filter our surroundings to plan for Ramadan. We can’t fully commit and understand the essence of Ramadan until we make a conscious effort through our heart and the mind. 

Ramadan is indeed a rewarding month, but we do have to admit that we develop some bad habits during this month. For instance, we tend to turn it into a month of feasting and, particularly for those of us in time zones where the fasting day is particularly long, “excusing” ourselves from hard work. Shelina Zahra Janmohamed, author of Love in a Headscarf, comments on these bad habits in her article for The National. She says that we need to rethink the attitudes we develop in Ramadan by practicing patience, perseverance, and getting ourselves adjusted to a simple diet. 

In an article titled 5 Steps to Get You Ready for Ramadan,” Irfan Nooruddin offers practical steps that we can take during these last days of Sha’ban to prepare and make the most of Ramadan, “keeping silent” and disconnecting from Facebook being among them. 

We hope these resources help and inspire you to make changes in preparation for Ramadan. Share your Ramadan tips with us as well! We hope we all can learn from each other and make the most of this beautiful holy month Insha Allah.

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