A Fashion Frenzy: Our Experience at the 2013 Fashion Fighting Famine Show.


Months of tireless preparation and hard work finally came to a culmination at the Fashion Fighting Famine fashion show 2013 on March 31st. We were part of the Southern California-based charity fashion show second time in a row, and this time around the show was much grander and, dare we say, more hectic. The presence of fabulous Muslim fashion and lifestyle bloggers, YaztheSpaz, Winnie Detwa, Amenakin, The Hijbablog, and many others made the show more exciting, and it was absolutely a delight to finally meet all these beauties in person. One of our favorite YouTube makeup gurus, Nura of Babylailalov, was also in

942092_464042167011616_1797095275_nattendance, and that too dressed in our Jeweled Waterfall kaftan! The kaftan (in stock on our site in a wide range of colors) looked amazing on her Masha Allah and she carried it with outmost grace. We exchanged makeup tips and instantly bonded over our love for Moroccan lamps.

The highlight of our day was seeing all our looks come glimmering down the runway — a sight that even took our breath away. A special shout-out to all the models who rocked our kaftans and head chains with confidence and poise. Fashion Fighting Famine also organized a Shop for a Cause Bazaar where guests could purchase all the looks presented on the runway. A portion of every purchase made benefited New Star Family Center, FFF’s charity of choice for this year.
We launched our new collection at the bazaar, and also stocked up on some of our classics. Our booth received an overwhelming response Alhumdullilah, and it was endearing to meet all our “Mohajababes” and hear kind words from them about our brand.
International singer-songwriter Yuna performed at the show and was kind enough to pose with her fans every now and then. She has an amazing voice and sounds even better in person.


By the end of the night, we were all so tired and just wanted kick off our high heels and go to bed. As we go through the pictures of the event on our camera now, we realize how blessed we are to have such amazing fans Alhumdullilah. We want to thank everyone who visited our booth at the FFF show and showed us their support and encouragement.

Head over to our Facebook page to see more pictures from the FFF show.


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