Top 10 wardrobe staples for every Mohajababe

A great sense of style isn’t about how many items you have in your closet or the range of designer items that you can afford. A stylish wardrobe is built on versatile and timeless pieces that can be worn year round, and can be updated with a few trendy items every season. Here is a guide for the top 10 fashion staples that every Mohajababe should have in her closet.

Renegade Moto Jacket, $88, Nasty Gal

Renegade Moto Jacket, $88, Nasty Gal

1. Leather biker jacket:

Channel your inner rockstar with a leather biker jacket year round. This versatile item can be worn with the simple jeans-and-tee combo for dressed-down days, or can be worn with sleek black pants and high heels for a more sophisticated look. The great thing about a leather jacket is that it can be incorporated across distinct personal styles without being too overwhelming.

Ultra Skinny Pants, $54.95, Gap

Ultra Skinny Pants, $54.95, Gap

2. Black slim-fit pants:

Thankfully skinny jeans aren’t the only option we have to achieve a narrow silhouette. Cigarette, tapered, ankle, straight are only few of the cuts that are available as more chic alternatives to skinnies. Slim-fit black pants are versatile enough to pull together and refine an outfit for any occasion. If you are a working girl, invest in a pair of slim-fit pants in a satin finish to be paired with an assortment of blouses and button-downs to get the most mileage out of your closet.

Long Silk Satin Skirt, $59.90, Zara

Long Silk Satin Skirt, $59.90, Zara

3. Maxi skirt:

A maxi skirt is the ultimate item to bring an element of lady-like charm to any look. The versatility of this item has made it a classic for every season. Pair it with chunky sweaters and combat boots in fall/winter, and make your summer cooler with pairing it with light denim jacket or a long-sleeved strip tee. Try experimenting with different prints and cuts, but make sure you always have a solid underskirt with sheer fabrics.


ASOS Trousers in Monochrome Print, $61.39, Asos

4. Statement pants:

The focus of the fashion industry has lately been on the bottoms. Statement pants — be it brocade pants or colored denim — have quickly become a favorite trend on and off the runway around the world. Statement pants are quite easy to style, and are available in a variety of cuts, colors, textures, prints and fits to work for all body types. Paired with a plain white tee or a denim button-down, they are perfect to cool off the heat during the day. Take your look from day to night by throwing on a blazer or a leather jacket, and high heels. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose different prints for a daring and edgy ensemble.

Pearl Snap Button Chambray Shirt, $24.80, Forever 21

Pearl Snap Button Chambray Shirt, $24.80, Forever 21

5. Denim shirt:

The number of ways that a classic denim shirt can be worn is probably incalculable (no exaggeration here), especially if you factor in the different fits and styles that the denim shirt is available in the market. Leave it unbuttoned at the bottom and tie it around your waist to be worn as a crop top over a maxi dress for added coverage. Leave it unbuttoned and wear it as a light jacket over your favorite vintage tee. Tuck it in a chiffon skirt for the perfect hard-soft look. An oversized, long denim shirt (think Denise Huxtable) balances the proportion when paired with printed skinnies and leggings.


Animal Print Ballerinas, $ 29.99, Mango

6. Animal print accessory:

Even if you are not an animal print lover, we dare you to own at least one animal print accessory in your wardrobe. Think of it as the new black. An animal print clutch, shoe, or (emphasis on “or”) belt can act as a neutral accessory for your outfit. In this instance, we won’t suggest you to juxtapose different animal prints together so you can tell your stripes.

Long Dress with Beaded Belt, $79.90, Zara

Long Dress with Beaded Belt, $79.90, Zara

7. LBD:

LBD is just a fashion terminology that we are using to refer to your go-to evening wear. It could be a chic maxi dress or an elegant kaftan (our favorite is the Mohajababe Dainty Jewels in black, in case you were wondering), basically anything foolproof that is stylish enough event to be worn at a formal event. A statement clutch (you can count it as a fashion staple as well) or dramatic eye makeup can amp up the style quotient of your standard evening wear. Whatever your variation is of the LBD, it needs to be restyled every time you wear it out to an event to avoid the “wardrobe rerun” faux pas.

Anorak Leather Sleeve Jacket, $44.00, Foreign Exchange

Anorak Leather Sleeve Jacket, $44.00, Foreign Exchange

8. Army jacket:

What started as a trend has transformed into a wardrobe staple. The army jacket — also known as surplus jacket, utility jacket, military jacket, army green anorak or parka (both of which are the thicker versions of the army jacket) — became popular a few years ago with the introduction of the military trend. While remnants of the military trend such as gold hardware, epaulets, double-breasted wool jackets still somewhat linger on the fashion scene, the army jacket has gone through the roof. It keeps coming back every season with different variations to keep the look fresh. Last season, leather sleeves were added to the standard army jacket for a structured look. Camouflage print jackets also grew in demand as fashion editors and bloggers were seen sporting it at fashion weeks.

White Fitted stretch shirt, $19.95, H&M (online shipping unavailable for the US)

White Fitted stretch shirt, $19.95, H&M (online shipping unavailable for the US)

9. Classic white shirt:

This is actually a no-brainer but is probably the most important item on this list. A crisp white button-down is a necessity for every girl’s wardrobe, and can be transitioned from day to night, across seasons and trends, and from your 9-to-6 job to your trip to the flea market. Consider it as a blank canvas that can be used to build an outfit for any occasion. A long tunic style button-down is also a versatile item to have for all your modest dressing needs.

Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer, $49.00, Urban Outfitters

Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer, $49.00, Urban Outfitters

10. A black blazer:

This is also another no-brainer on our list. As the androgynous trend gained popularity, the boyfriend blazer became quite a staple piece and gradually took over the standard, more formfitting business-wear blazer. Along with the other outerwear items mentioned on this list, a black blazer is also the quintessential layering piece. Layer it over a sweater during the winter, or pair it with a plaid button-down, bright color Chuck Taylors and boyfriend jeans for the ultimate laid-back look for spring.

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    Love the choices, the only thing I wouldn’t or should I say, haven’t worn yet are the statement pants. I don’t think I can pull off printed pants but I’m very drawn to mint coloured jeans,maybe I’ll get me a pair to complete this checklist?

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