Written by Morgan Preciado

I bought two wedding dresses before I even got engaged. When a girl finds the right the dress nothing can get in her way, even if she doesn’t have  a fiance yet. At the Fashion Fighting Famine show early this year I was introduced to Mohajababes. When I saw the bedazzled formal kaftans floating down the runway I knew I wasn’t going to leave without one (or two). At well under $200 each they were a steal. Possibly because my new purchases were so fabulous, my boyfriend soon after proposed.

The dresses were a hit at the wedding. I was comfortable, didn’t have to worry about how much I ate, needed very little accessories, and felt like a princess. The best part is I can still wear them. Who wants to spend 100s of dollars on a dress you’re going to wear ONCE?  I wore them during the honeymoon, out to nice dinners, and occasionally around the house when I’m feeling like a diva.

So if you want a wedding dress you can breathe in, or something to wear to a holiday party that will both hide your extra Thanksgiving day pounds AND make you look like a bohemian queen, check out their website: 

Wedding dress #1

Wedding dress #2301422_366322683450232_854509430_n643955_366322750116892_58462631_n

Like this:


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