Put your best face forward!

It can be really hard to find skin products that work for you and more importantly, ones that do what they say on the bottle! I’ve always been really particular about what goes on my skin, my face in particular, and tend to stick with something if I think it does the job well.

Mama Mohajababes is fanatical about good skincare too, and started both Afra and I on the basics of a skincare regime – cleanse, tone, moisturise – from when we were 15. How you treat your skin reflects as you age and you want to make sure your face reflects great skincare habits. Also, if you wear a hijab, pretty much all anyone can see is your face, and you want to, as it were, put your best foot (face?) forward!

Here are some of the products I can’t live without and ones that I find really do the job well and work fabulously for me!

From left to right: Clean Mary, Botanics Eye Make Up Remover, Return to Slender, Glycerin & Rosewater, Glow Lotion, No Clogs Allowed, Radiance Revealed & Beautiful Skin

Cleanser – Clean Mary by Soap and Glory is the best cleanser I’ve used to date! I got it as part of a hamper that was on offer at Boots in the Christmas sales and I’m so glad I did! It feels like your face has had a good deep clean, but because it’s a cleansing milk it doesn’t dry out your skin and just leaves it feeling really fresh!

Eye makeup remover – I use Boots own Botanics eye makeup remover which is oil based and incredibly powerful! It gets rid of all mascara clumps and even eyeliner on the lower lid that tends to be difficult to remove. It does a great job even the morning after when I remove makeup that I just couldn’t be bothered to the night before (I know, I know – guilty as charged!)

Body contouring gel – So this isn’t for the face, but I had to include it here. Soap and Glory have done a wonderful job with this contouring gel that you use on your upper arms (AKA The Bingo Wings), tummy and thighs. I add this to my daily moisturising routine and I’ve only been using it three weeks, but I’m already beginning to see the difference. Skin just feels firmer and it promises to lessen the appearance of cellulite which I can’t say I have seen yet, but I’ve got about four weeks to go before I’m meant to see the difference so I’ll update this post then and tell you if it works on the evil orange peel!

Glycerin and Rosewater – Very old fashioned but you know what they say about all things old school! This glycerin and rosewater combination is a Boots own brand and is brilliant as a moisturiser and leaves your skin feeling really refreshed! I just swipe some over my face with cotton wool before I go to bed, and it leaves my skin feeling gorgeously soft and (no word of a lie!) helps me sleep better!

Glow lotion – This isn’t part of my daily routine but is wonderful for parties and special occasions! It’s by Soap and Glory (my love affair with S&G continues lol) and works wonderfully as a glimmer lotion for the body. So it’s perfect for all those girls only parties 🙂 You only need a tiny amount so it lasts ages!

Face mask – Who wants clogged pores? Not moi! About once a week I treat my skin to a face mask and it has to be Soap and Glory’s No Clogs Allowed. It’s a self heating mask that turns blue (which is what led me to buy it I’m ashamed to admit lol) and so for the few minutes I have it on I kinda look like a smurfette 😀 Unclogs pores brilliantly and is great for problem areas like the nose, chin and forehead between the eyebrows.

Exfoliator – I’ve used this exfoliator by No7 for quite a while and it really does do what it says on the tube – which is give me bright, beautiful skin! It’s so effective, I only use it every other day or once every two days and that’s all I really need! It’s a gentle exfoliator that goes hard at work to removing dead skin and really gives tired looking skin a lift!

Moisturiser – Aptly named Beautiful Skin, this wonderful moisturiser by No7 is something I’ve recently acquired and have already fallen in love with. This is my day cream, and I’ve got the one for normal/dry skin. What I love about it is how it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily or greasy and has SPF 15 built into it, so I’m getting my protection from the sun (I live in London so I’m using the term ‘sun’ loosely here!) without that awful white, caked on look that sunscreen gives you! It comes in a gorgeous tub and even though I much prefer pumps or tubes (less bacteria and things get into them as opposed to pots), I quite like this design 🙂

So there you have it ladies – my favorite skincare products, most of which I simply couldn’t get through my day without! What are your must-have products, and would you like to see another post with my general beauty faves?

Much love!
Eiman x


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